What is counselling?

Counselling is essentially an opportunity for you to explore desired ‘change’ in your life with a professionally trained psychotherapist. The need for ‘change’ can be driven from any aspect of your life considered to be creating discomfort or impacting your general wellbeing. For example,

· Stressful situations

· Destructive behaviour patterns

· Experiencing panic/anxiety

· Feeling ‘stuck’

· Family/relationship issues

· Work/study

Often counselling is mistaken as an advice service, however it is quite the contrary. The therapist is essentially a vessel for you to engage with in a safe environment where you are given the space to explore your life choices, decisions, maladaptive coping strategies, behaviour, attitudes etc. What therapy will offer is techniques and strategies that you can learn and implement when faced with difficulties. The good news is when these are embedded and you have established what works for you, these strategies and techniques can be implemented in the future.